Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 Central Hawaiian Activities 3 (C.H.A.3) Kenpo Seminar in Las Vegas

Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Brotherhood Seminar in Las Vegas
The purpose of the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Brotherhood Seminar on July 23-24, 2016 at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas is for the preservation of the training and ideas created by our founder Professor Marino Tiwanak.  We also wish to accomplish through these seminars the building of camaraderie or "brotherhood," among our Black Belt and Chief Instructors.

The Las Vegas seminar was started in 2007 to bring all instructors to one venue for training and review instead of Professor Mike Tiwanak (photo left) traveling to each dojo from state to state separately. Professor Mike Tiwanak stated that he wished he had thought of starting the seminars while the founder of the system, Professor Marino Tiwanak, was still alive.

The instructors who attend the seminar will be versed in the History, By-Laws, Training, etc., as our founder would have wanted it passed on to their students.  Professor Tiwanak always stated that we are not just a martial art school.  That we are a family, and that he wanted these traits of "Ohana," to be passed to our mainland instructors, and to also let them know that they all play an important part in our organization no matter how far they are located from the "mother school."

Through our seminar we can insure that all Instructors teaching in Hawaii and abroad are all on the same page as far as our training and teaching techniques. Through the seminar we can set the goal that any student can attend any C.H.A.3 certified school and receive the same quality training.  Any student who transfer to another branch school can feel comfortable that the training they learned will fit right in at their new dojo.

The main goal is to insure our founder, Professor Marino Tiwanak, will live forever through his history, his ideals, his training, and the goals that he had set for his organization.

After the passing of the founders son, Professor Mike Tiwanak, the weight of the Central Hawaiian Activities 3 Kenpo Brotherhood Association, will be passed to the founders youngest grandson, Bronson K. Tiwanak, who is currently a certified black belt in C.H.A.3 Kenpo.

Presentations by Professor MikeTiwanak, 10th Degree Chiefs: Paketo Caluyo, Fred Buescher, Larry Carson, Richard Baker and Rudy Montane. 9th Degree Chiefs: Nicholas Silva, and Chrisanto Adaoag. 8th Degree: Annette Almeida, Micahel Potes, Ray Hubbard, Jeff Pascua and Ellis Heggen.

Besides instructors flying to Las Vegas from Hawaii, there will also be instructors traveling from California, Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, Florida, and Guam(photo above).

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